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Every day we watch different videos and listen to our friends about how to make money from home. But online earning requires skills, even every opportunity to earn money requires some skills. This article will not lure our readers to quit their studies or learn new skills. We will give you a platform where a person who has leisure time but no digital skills will be able to earn money from home without any investment. Yes, there is indeed a platform that allows its users to earn money online by watching ads, playing games (games from the Play Store not outside the Play Store), and taking surveys. There is also an option of micro tasks in which the person who has experience in freelancing can make money from home. There are options for article writing, programming, testing, making videos, and graphic designing.

How to Make Money Online with AI as a Teacher from Home?

The platform is It has its Application as well. In the context of making money online for beginners, it is the best website for those who want to make fast money online along with their primary job. This website gives its members 140 PKR to 2700 PKR by watching videos on it. If you watch ads that are 30 seconds long the website will pay you 7 PKR to 10 PKR per ad. In short, 10 ads a day can give you 700 PKR and it will take 20 -30 minutes. 

Ways to Earn from Paid Work

There are 5 easy and different ways to make money in one hour through the website. Two of them do not require any specific skill as they are watching videos/ads and playing games. Other ways are filling out surveys, freelancing skills, and online shopping through the paid works recommended vendor. 

1. How do I make money online by watching Videos in your Peace Zone?

One of the easiest ways is to watch videos or ads and to get money. To watch videos, you have to download the app from the app store. The app’s name is Paidwork. Install the application and log in with the same email ID that was used while creating the account. After logging in you can start to make money on the internet. Simply hit the earn button, watch videos, and earn money online. 

2. Cool Way to get Paid by Playing Games without any Stress and Investment :

If you are a game lover, then this is a great chance for you to make money on the internet while playing games. This option is used on mobile too. Select the Play Games section from the earning option. There will be some creators of games. Do not worry the games will be downloaded from the Play Store.  To earn through gaming, you have to download the game from the app store. You can earn up to 27000 PKR a day by playing games. It depends upon the game you are playing and its popularity.

3. Filling Out Surveys and get Paid Online without any Work Load

This section requires a basic to advanced level of understanding of the English language. As mentioned earlier, only two options can be used to make money online without any skill. This is a good opportunity for those who are university students or work in offices. They have a platform to make money from home to handle their expenses. 

4. Micro tasks

The Micro tasks section is for freelancers and content writers. requires people that have one of the 7 skills. The skills are Graphic designing, content writing, translation, creating animations, making videos, testing, and programming. Do not worry if you are a beginner or have no experience in the above-mentioned skills. The website offers free courses to learn and earn. There is no fee for learning from the website. Moreover, they have courses of different levels like basic, intermediate, and advanced. If you want to learn then you can use their platform to learn as well.

5. Make Money Online while Online Shopping

This is the last method of earning from the website. We can say it is a money-back policy as well as we have to pay first and then they will pay back some of our money. If someone has a budget and wants to try this option, they can try it as well. 

How to use the Earned Money?

It is an important question how and where can we use the money? The good news is that it offers you a withdrawal option. A person can transfer the cash to a bank account and PayPal account. Hence, there is no need to worry about the withdrawal as it offers a bank withdrawal option as well. 

Bonus Trick to Earn Through Paid Work

If you influence TikTok or Facebook, or you have a large number of friends, then you can earn money from home without any investment. It is not a dream; you can earn through a referral program that is offered by the website as well. Refer the website to the people who are interested in online earning. When they will withdraw their first income, they will get paid up to 25000 PKR.

How to Make Money Online on

  • First of all, open your browser
  • Go to “
  • Sign up by providing your email address.
  • Create your account and save the login details.
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