In case your child is getting ready for 11 Plus Creative Writing entrance tests to a secondary school, you might have come across mixed information regarding the inclusion of a creative writing assignment. For 11 Plus pupils, a creative writing exam is always a scary thing. It’s difficult to write creatively when you’re under time limits, have an unknown prompt, and are writing under pressure. It doesn’t have to be, though. Through appropriate coaching and ample practice, students can enhance their creative writing abilities, demonstrating their inventiveness and uniqueness while simultaneously meeting all the requirements of a marking system.

One of the main requirements of the 11 Plus exams, which determine admission to some of the most prominent grammar and independent schools in the UK, is creative writing. The purpose of a creative writing test is to assess students’ writing abilities, such as their capacity to organize stories, develop compelling characters and situations, and effectively communicate ideas via the use of descriptive language.

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What to anticipate from the eleven-plus creative writing tests
• Tips for helping your kids become ready
• Which educational institutions will make your child complete a creative writing test?

11 Plus Creative Writing: What Is It?

A creative writing assignment may be required of applicants who score 11 or higher as part of the exam. Writing a unique short narrative or carrying on a plot from a provided text could be the assignment.
There are no creative writing assignments on the exams administered by the two primary 11+ exam boards, GL Assessment and the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB). If a school offers creative writing, the curriculum was probably established by the institution.
As a component of their entrance examinations, private secondary schools may require applicants to compose an essay or other creative work. A creative writing assignment is often assigned by grammar schools, however, it is typically only graded in “borderline cases” (i.e., when choosing between two students who had the same score on the major papers).
The 11plus creative writing assignment often has a brief time limit. Depending on the arrangement of the school exam, students have less than an hour to draft, write, and review their work.

Examining creative writing: What to anticipate

Your youngster will typically be given an imaginary scenario and 30 to 45 minutes to write about it in a test on creative writing. The following are some examples of themes your child might be required to write on during the exam for creative writing:

• The environment, for instance. Picture yourself on a barren island.
• Activities, e.g. Describe an activity you appreciate doing

• Animals, e.g. Which animal terrifies you, and why? or Which animal is your favorite to be?
• Feelings, for instance. See yourself trapped in a jungle or as though you’ve just received the finest news ever.

Additional Resources To Assist Kids With Their Eleven Plus Writing Assignment

You can utilize a plethora of additional resources from us to assist your students in getting ready for the reading components of the 11 Plus tests.
Check out our 11 Plus Practice Reading Comprehension Activity Mat Pack as a starting point. This is an excellent exercise for children’s creativity as well as reading comprehension. One of the most effective strategies for kids to improve their creative writing is to read. Not only does reading provide them with a wealth of writing inspiration, but it also serves as a model for proper syntax, spelling, punctuation, and form.
This Year 6 Writing Checklist will assist you as a tutor in identifying areas where you need to provide a little extra support to your students as well as a wonderful tool to make sure that the work produced by the students is up to par.
Last but not least, kids can keep track of all the new words and phrases they pick up in the lead-up to their exams in our 11 Plus Vocabulary Notebook. They can use this to build their word bank that they can consult while they edit for creative writing assignments.
Did you know that encouraging your students to read widely is one of the finest ways you can help them with their writing? For additional inspiration, look through our Y6 Brilliant Book List.
How Can I Assist Kids in Relaxing Ahead of the 11 Plus?
Exam stress is something we are all familiar with but for many kids. The 11 Plus is their first experience with it.

Here are some pointers to aid in stress relief:

• Make sure you schedule some enjoyable time before the exam. So that you don’t allow the pressure to get to you.
• You may plan an enjoyable game for your students to play during class. Word-formation activities are still beneficial for the test!
Alternatively, you may engage in mindfulness exercises together, such as coloring quietly or meditating.

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